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    "Teaching Spiccato", ASTJ, summer, 1991, pp. 55-58

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Papers about Ellen Rose:

    "Merging the old and the new: Margaret Brouwer's Concert for Viola and Orchestra" by Laurie Shulman, JAVS, v. 26, no. 1, pp. 23-33 [PDF]

    "Excerpts for Viola Ensemble: An Alternative Pedagogical Method for the Aspiring Orchestral Violist", Chien-Ju Liao, doctoral dissertation, University of Cincinnati, Conservatory of Music, August, 2009

    Interview with Ellen Rose

Short papers on viola wisdom:

  • "How to practice" [PDF]
  • "Ten suggestions for learning excerpts" [PDF]
  • "Ten simple rules for audition preparation" [PDF]
  • "Tape to lose!" (humorous) [PDF]

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